Company Profile

Founded in 1989, Beijing Railway Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Co., LTD. (referred to as BRI), is a national high-tech enterprise. It is 2018 Beijing Top 100 Private Enterprise Science and Technology Innovation, 2022 Beijing Specialized and Innovation “little giant” Enterprises, 2022 Beijing Top 100 Small and medium-sized Private enterprises and Beijing Top 100 Private Enterprise Social Responsibility. We obtained the German ISO/TS22163 international system certification, the United States CMMI certification body issued the highest level of software maturity level 5 qualification, and the ISO9001 quality management, environmental management, occupational health and safety international management system certification. We were awarded the National Postdoctoral Workstation, Beijing Enterprise Technology Center, Beijing Intellectual Property Demonstration Unit, tax credit grade A enterprises, credit grade AAA enterprises and national contract-keeping enterprises, We were recognized as the national innovative pilot enterprises by Beijing, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences , we also won the honor of the first major technical equipment (set) in Beijing.

Our R&D team consists of more than 150 professors, PhDs and engineers. Over the past 34 years, we have independently developed 588 products, won 670 international and national invention patents, more than 60 patents won the National Invention Award, the Ministry of Railways, Beijing Municipal Government and Hubei Provincial government science and technology achievement awards, and 32 patents passed the science and technology appraisal and technical review of Ministry of Railways and Beijing Municipal . Our R&D team presided over the formulation of four railway industry standards. BRI has also established a perfect after-sales service system, with Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places as fulcrum, our after-sales service of the products covers 31 provinces and cities in China and more than 3000 customers and suppliers in foreign urban rail transit industry.

Under the guidance of the President's "One Belt, One Road" national strategy, since 2012, BRI has independently developed safety interlock, under-floor, mobile lifting Jack and other high-quality products for high-speed and EMU trains ,and they have been applied to Saudi Arabia's Mecca, Egypt's Ramadan 10 city, Vientiane passenger car servicing depot on China-Laos railway and Indonesia's Jakawan high-speed rail and other projects.

Since 2014, we have carried out technical cooperation with companies in Germany, Italy, Austria, Japan, Canada, etc , after years of unremitting efforts, we have successfully developed more than 20 world leading maintenance products for high-speed and EMU trains, these products will continue to be promoted to the field of rail transit in various countries around the world.

Since 2016, in cooperation with Tsinghua University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and other universities, we have developed inspection robots , intelligent lifting jack equipment, digital, intelligent and visual safety interlock maintenance operation evaluation information management system for high-speed and EMU trains and locomotives, and integrating analysis platform of Internet of Things, big data and cloud computing ,we can realize remote monitoring and fault diagnosis of equipment and provide customers with a full range of technical solutions and after-sales service.

With the rapid development of BRI, we have not forgotten to give back to the society. We have donated much money to Wenchuan earthquake, Yushu earthquake, Beijing 7.21 flood, Tongcheng catastrophic flood, Wuhan, Tongcheng COVID-19 epidemic, Zhengzhou flood. We built rural roads, donated kindergartens, helped the sick and disabled, and participated in rural revitalization.We provided free fundings for the production of Professor Dong Shubing's "Boundless " at Tsinghua University. For all public welfare undertakings, we have funded a total of over 50 million yuan.

The corporate culture of BRI is Bravery, Responsibility, Integrity. We will uphold the great wish of self-improvement and industry serving the country, continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work, adhere to the physical industry manufacturing, keep up with the pace of the new era of the country , to promote the steady development of China's major equipment for high-speed and EMU trains and go to the world !