High Temperature & Pressure Cleaning Machine

  • -High Temperature & Pressure Cleaning Machine
It’s an automatic high pressure spraying and cleaning machine for parts, which can finish the whole cleaning process in one operation and has the advantages of easy operation and convenient maintenance. The high pressure spray system consists of a special designed nozzle, which is equipped with temperature and time control, and an automatic rotary carrier basket. The high temperature and pressure spraying can reach every angle and position of the parts, which makes the cleaning fast, efficient and comfortable.
Equipped with the oil contamination separator, it can prolong the service life of the cleaning liquid. By separating the interfering substances such as grease, solvent and impurities from the cleaning tank, the life cycle of the cleaning tank can be significantly prolonged.
•The bottom of the reservoir is sloping, which is convenient for draining liquid.
•The temperature is adjustable. (Up to 90° C)
•The rotary frame is electrical driven.
•The cleaning time can be controlled via a timer.
•A protection switch will prevent the motor from starting while the cover is open
•It applies to the parts cleaning during the equipment maintenance and repair.

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