Cleaning Machine for Stators & Rotors of Traction Motor

  • -Cleaning Machine for Stators & Rotors of Traction Motor
•The turntable rotates around the shaft. It cleans parts all round through the U-shaped special spray nozzle system.
•It has super cleaning power, which is suitable for heavy polluted parts.
•Each washing pool is equipped with an independent spray frame, which reduces the liquid mixing.
•The spray nozzle and frame apply to different types of parts, which ensures a wide scope of application.
•The cleaning process is highly automatical, as cleaning-liquid-adding, pollution-levelmonitoring and cleaning-effect-detection are all automatical.
•The structure is stable and practical. Exquisite design makes it easy to operate and maintain.
•It is suitable for the long-shaped parts cleaning and high speed cleaning.
•It is usually used for cleaning parts in the production lines.
•Remote diagnosis.

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