Development Planning

    Adhering to the concept of “self-improvement, ethics and morality”, the Railway Institute actively introduces, digests and absorbs world-class product technologies while adopting new technologies, new processes and new materials. Germany SEW, Siemens, British Europe, France Schneider, Austria ULB, Italy BIT, Japan Mitsubishi, Sony, Omron, Switzerland ABB, Canada Aikexin, the United States GE, AB and other nine national institutions to cooperate, the application of international top technology It is mainly used in the major equipment such as the pit-type frame machine, the locomotive test platform and the safety interlock monitoring system of the core products of the railway.
     With the international development strategy and opportunities of the new Silk Road, Beijing Railway, such as the high-speed rail pit carriage, safety interlocking monitoring system and other major rail transit equipment, use the spirit of the industry to serve the country, Liang Jian China high-speed rail business, igniting China's high-speed rail backbone to the world .

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